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Facts Parents Should Know about Chickenpox

July 21, 2017

When most of today’s parents were children, chickenpox was almost seen as a rite of passage. By the age of nine, nearly every child had endured a week or two of discomfort at the hands of chickenpox and most came through the other side unscathed, but sadly, some children did develop much more serious complications. Fortunately, chickenpox is now a much rarer occurrence thanks to a highly effective and safe vaccine. Still, it’s an illness every parent should keep an eye out for, so our board-certified pediatricians have compiled this helpful guide with everything you need to know about chickenpox.

07.10.17 Facts Parents Should Know about Chickenpox

Keeping your child healthy involves a combination of practices, like avoiding contagious people when possible, keeping up with your child’s recommended immunization schedule, and instilling general good health habits so your child’s immune system is always at the top of its game. Plus, last but not least, educating yourself about illnesses your kids might face will help you know how to react and when to seek medical attention. If you have questions about chickenpox or anything else regarding your kids’ health, give us a call or schedule an appointment on the Children’s Wellness Center patient portal. For more kids’ health tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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