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Fatigue FAQs

How can I adjust my child’s sleeping pattern?

  • There are several ways in which we recommend adjusting your child’s sleeping pattern. It’s important to take it slow—gradually change their typical bedtime by 15 minutes each night, or two in order to allow them to get used to the new pattern. Establish a routine each night to help them realize bedtime is approaching, and it is time to wind down.

Are melatonin supplements safe for children who have trouble getting to sleep?

  • It is important to discuss this subject with your doctor based on your specific situation.

Outside of getting more sleep, what external factors can I implement for my child to help them feel less tired?

  • If your child drinks a lot of juice or other sugary drinks, substitute water more often than not. Just as it does in adults, staying hydrated with water will help your child avoid sugar crashes and feel overall more alert. Combining this with a healthy diet will also help them ward off illnesses. Good nutrition, no electronics within an hour of bedtime and a good sleep routine are key.