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Flu Symptoms FAQs

What should I feed my child if they have influenza?

  • Food is not as important as fluids. Make sure they are drinking plenty of water or a re-hydration solution. They should urinate at least 3x/day. Bland foods, such as bananas, toast and crackers are also good choices if your child has not vomited recently.

How do I treat the flu with a young child?

  • Although antiviral medicines are sometimes given at the onset of the flu, the best ways to deal with the flu are rest and hydration. Do not push your child into normal, everyday activities such as school or sports (this also helps stop the spread of the virus since influenza is highly contagious). Let them relax at home with plenty of restful entertainment, such as movies and books.
    The recommendation for antivirals such as Tamiflu®, fluctuates year to year. They must be started within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, so make an appointment as soon as possible if you feel your child would benefit from an antiviral. Children who benefit the most from antivirals are usually those with asthma or any other chronic medical illness.

How does influenza compare to the common cold?

  • Common cold symptoms may include a sore throat, runny nose, persistent cough, slight fever, and congestion. While the flu can include all of these symptoms, flu sufferers may also feel very tired, have headaches, achy muscles, high fever, and possibly chills. Pneumonia is an uncommon but worrisome complication of influenza. Please call our office immediately for any concerns.