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Parent Health Information: Childhood Allergies

September 8, 2017

Now that September has begun, fall allergy season is well underway in the Atlanta area, and so many of us are suffering from hay fever. For some parents, childhood allergies are easy to spot (especially seasonal ones), but others may think their kids’ symptoms are from a cold. Some allergies, on the other hand, cause symptoms that are not at all respiratory. While most people think of allergies as nothing but a mild inconvenience, they can escalate and create serious problems. As a parent, catching your child’s allergies at a young age (or whenever they arise) and learning how to control them can be instrumental in keeping your kids safe, healthy, and comfortable all year long. In order to help with that task, our board-certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners at Children’s Wellness Center have created the infographic below, packed with all the helpful information parents want to know about allergies and allergic asthma in kids.

08.28.17 Parent Health Information Childhood Allergies

As a parent, education is your best defense against a number of childhood illnesses because it will help you know what warning signs to look for and what to do if they appear. Ultimately, it’s better to stay on the safe side and contact Children’s Wellness Center for an appointment if you have any concerns about your child’s health. As an added bonus, be sure to follow Children’s Wellness Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more helpful health tips for parents.

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