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Holiday Cooking with Your Kids

Updated: May 8

With the holiday season in full swing and your child’s routine altered, you may be looking for activity ideas to occupy your child in a healthy way. This season is the perfect time to introduce your little one to the joy of cooking. Involving your child in holiday meal planning and cooking will instill a sense of responsibility and pride as their culinary masterpiece is enjoyed by friends and family. If your child isn’t already assisting you in the kitchen, now is the perfect time to begin.

Safety First:

Staying safe is one of the most important aspects of cooking with your kids. Take this time to introduce them to safety concepts such as properly holding sharp utensils, preventing burns, and how to safely handle raw food. Some additional topics you should cover include:

  • Frequent hand and utensil washing

  • Separating raw and cooked foods

  • Stove, oven, and appliance safety

  • Correct temperature settings

The type of tasks your child will complete while cooking depends on age and abilities. The best way to remain safe is to ensure your child is supervised throughout meal preparation and completes age-appropriate tasks. For more information and guidelines concerning cooking skills by age you can visit

Showcasing Culture:

The holidays are the perfect time to showcase your family’s culture. One fun way to do this is to prepare a special family recipe with your child. This is a great way to teach them the importance of heritage and family traditions. These recipes are a part of your family’s history, and sharing a secret family recipe with your child will instill a sense of pride within them. You can also discover new recipes together and add them to a family cookbook that will continue to pass on from generation to generation.

Encourage Development:

Cooking is an excellent opportunity to engage your child’s five senses, refine math skills (counting and measuring), and improve their fine motor skills. Involving your child in the kitchen will pique their curiosity and encourage them to explore different foods, flavors, and textures. This is a great time for them to develop their taste preferences and cultivate a positive relationship with food. Involving your child in meal preparation early will train them to continue this good habit as they grow older.

The holiday season presents an excellent opportunity to bond with your child. We know getting lost in the season’s busyness can be easy. Cooking with your child allows you to slow down and enjoy special moments with your little one. From preparing a special meal to setting a holiday table, your child will love to be included in the kitchen. As always, we at Children’s Wellness Center are here for you should you need assistance during this busy season. We hope you and your family enjoy the beauty and excitement the holidays offer.

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