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Sun Safety and Protection for Children

Warm and sunny days are great times for kids to play outside, enjoy the weather, and get some

physical activity. But, it's important that your child spending time outside in the sun is done

safely. Too much exposure to the sun's UV rays is harmful as it can cause sunburn, damage the skin and eyes, and potentially cause cancer.

Babies under 6 months of age should avoid direct sunlight. If they're outside, keep them in

shady areas, under an umbrella, or under the canopy of their stroller. For children, limit their

exposure to sunlight. You can dress them in clothing that covers most of their skin, but keep

these lightweight and loose during hot days so that they're not uncomfortable in the heat. Hats are also good to use for protection and can prevent hair damage from the sun. The best ones to use will shield the forehead and cover the ears and the back of the neck so that these areas of

the skin are not exposed to the sun. It's also important to protect your children's eyes by giving them sunglasses with 99% UV protection.