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Sleep Recommendations for
Your Child


For at least the 4 – 6  weeks, most parents should place their child’s crib or bassinet in the parents' bedroom. It is not recommended or safe to have your infant sleep in bed with you as this increases the risk of SIDs and suffocation. You can have a crib placed right next to your bed but the baby should be in his own safe, close, but separate sleep space and always placed to sleep in his back. There should be no loose bedding, blankets, positioners or bumper pads.

Read more on AAP’s recommendation for the prevention SIDS.

Typically, most toddlers experience separation anxiety, so it is important to promote a nightly bedtime routine with them in order to promote effective sleep habits. Lots of things can increase sleepless nights such as teething, nightmares, soiled diapers, the need to go potty, scared of the dark, monsters, etc. The list is endless with toddlers, please speak with your healthcare provider for any concerns you may have.

One of the best solutions is to remind your teen to make sleep a priority as it is vital to their well-being. Other helpful tips include:

  • Keep his or her room cool, quiet, and dark to help them relax.

  • Have them avoid any caffeine before bedtime.

  • Ensure that your teen maintains a consistent sleep schedule.

  • Make sure he or she doesn’t eat, drink, or exercise within a few hours of their bedtime.

  • Have them avoid watching TV or using the computer or telephone before going to bed.

  • No cell phones or computers in their rooms at night.

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