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Emergency/911 Visits


It’s natural to feel fear and even panic when you believe your child is sick or seriously injured enough to visit the emergency room, but a parent’s first priority should be to remain calm and focused. Remember, your child is likely also afraid and in pain, and she will look to you for reassurance that all is well. Train yourself to think calmly about your child’s illness or injury. Ask yourself: “Is this really an emergency? Will my child be in danger if he does not receive medical treatment right now?” In some cases, the answer may be no. If your child gets the flu on a Saturday night, for example, it’s probably safe to treat the symptoms at home until you can schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician.

There are some circumstances, however, in which you should always seek emergency medical attention. Call 911 immediately if your child:

  • is struggling to breathe and/or blue

  • is unconscious as a result of an accident

  • has a seizure

  • is unresponsive

  • may have a neck or spinal cord injury

  • sustains head trauma accompanied by loss of consciousness and vomiting

  • has ingested or been exposed to a poisonous or hazardous material (In this case, you should also contact the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222)

  • has a high fever > 104 and has not improved (mental status, energy, responsiveness) after given fever reducing medicine

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